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About Asia Gostaresh

Asia Gostaresh plays significant role in regional railway market by investment, innovation and development in numerous projects since 2008. Our close affiliation to Railway Industry made strong connection with top leading companies in USA and Western Europe. We implicate and focus in giving solutions and Procurement of Train Locomotives, Metro Wagons, Passenger trainsets, relevant equipment and products.

Steam Locomotives

The reciprocating steam locomotive is a self-contained power unit consisting essentially of a steam engine and a boiler with fuel and water supplies


Diesel Locomotives

Diesel locomotives, technically known as diesel-electrics, came into widespread use following development of Electro-Motive


Electric Locomotives

Electric locomotives define efficiency. Even today, no other type can match their low operating costs, high tractive efforts, and swift acceleration



Steel grades
Today, several hundred different steel grades exist, which differ according to the many different compositions of their alloy elements. More
Material types
At Rime different material types are worked. Sheets and plates made of Steel (black sheet/plate) are most frequently used. If sheets and plates are required More
Stainless steel
Stainless steel is the name given to steel grades which have a particularly low fraction of harmful elements such as phosphorous, sulphur, arsenic or tin More
Rustproof steel
Whether Inox, Cromargan, Nirosta or VA steel – all these names stand for non-rusting or rust-proof steel (generally stainless steel in English). More
Our mission is to provide safe, efficient, and cost-effective rail solutions to facilitate the movement of transportation and support economic development efforts; The procurement team is committed to acting, in accordance with best practices, as a leader among service providers, recognized for innovative and high-quality, cost-effective approaches to meeting and exceeding our internal and external customers' expectations.

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